Lake Ball Retrieval



At Replay Golf we offer professional services for lake diving and maintenance. Our reputation as Europe’s biggest lake ball retrieval company certifies our services.

We offer golf courses highly profitable golf ball retrieval services combined with value added maintenance services for their golf course water hazards and watering systems. All these services help preserve the eco system and reduce world pollution.

  • Income generated per ball retrieved.
  • Reduction of Golf Courses Operational Cost.
  • Insured Services with no Risk to the Golf Course.
  • Professional Divers with more than 15 years in Lake Ball retrieval.
  • Preservation of the Eco System by a totally earth friendly activity.




Lake ball Retrieval Services do Help the Enviroment

More than 420 million golf balls are lost per year around the world. Each retrieval service does help maintain golf courses clean and reduce tons of plastic waste.

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