Recycled and Refurbished Balls



These type of balls have been washed and sorted by brand, model and quality in AAA/A or B grade.

-Our AAA/A golf balls are in “like new” conditions. They can have slight discolorations or minor hits and scuffs but mostly unnoticeable. These balls have been unfortunately lost after very few hits.

-Our B grade golf balls have more noticeable discoloration or distinguished hits and scuffs. Nonetheless, these balls are in perfect shape to be played again.

Recycled golf balls are a totally earth friendly product that helps preserve golf courses as well as reduce global pollution.

Replay Golf Reciclaje Bolas de Golf


These balls have been lost and recovered. After arriving to the factory they have been processed strictly by brand and model to recover most of the properties that a new ball has. They all look the same and have homogeneous new paint and clear coat that allow them to have a better fly and feel that a recycled ball. Their quality has been tested under extensive tests.

After the refurbishing process has been completed, these balls are sorted into AAA/A, B and C grade. This is done in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients. By refurbishing the balls we do not alter any of the structure or dimples of the balls so any noticeable hits and scuffs could still be present.


Do you know how recycled golf balls are RETRIEVED?

At Replay Golf we retrieve our golf balls from the most prestigious golf courses all over the world, and mainly Europe. We recover them from the water hazards and out of bounds areas contributing to preserve the golf course and reducing global waste. A golf ball takes more than 1,000 years to decompose. It’s also worthwhile to mention that it takes much more resources and energy to manufacture a new ball than to recycle or refurbish one.


Once the balls are recovered, they are washed and sorted by brand, model and quality. After sorting and depending on their grade it leads to recycled or to be refurbished golf balls. Although these balls are not guaranteed under their respective manufacturer, we assure by implementing state of the art technology to offer products of high quality and performance and grant our customer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.




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