A golf ball suffers many hits during its life of use. But a golf ball doesn’t suffer the same way depending if it is a new ball, recycled or refurbished. In this article, we will reveal how many impacts a golf ball can take depending on its type.

What differences are there in the 3 different types of golf ball? In the first place, we distinguished the balls used for the game, that are made for playing on the course to the range balls that are used to practice with. To play on the course you could use new balls, recycled balls or refurbished balls:

New balls, according to an article published in golfdigest in 2017, it has to receive 100 hits with a driver- at a swing speed that is used at tour level- so that the cover breaks. That is what Dean Snell, an ex designer of balls in titleist and taylormade and now manages Snell Golf said.  He also says that the majority of balls survive more than 250 hits before suffering anything worse.

Refurbished balls, they are very durable, considering their whole cover has been remade, which is the part that suffers the most during the game and the amount of hits it can receive are the same as a new ball. The objective is to give back to the ball its properties and some of its characteristics to be able of using it again.

Recycled balls, they have received some hits and they usually have some marks on them, for that, understandably, they last less time then a refurbished or a new ball, but they are balls that in almost perfect condition.

Practice balls, the practice balls are new golf balls that have the sufficient characteristics  for the amount of hits it will be receive on the practice range . they suffer lots of hits because once it is hit it is collected and then used again to practice with. It is difficult to give an exact number of the amount of hits the ball might suffer because it varies with the game ball. Once it has been recycled, it can receive a lot more than 100 hits before it starts to get worse because it is designed to be strong. Golf balls suffer a lot throughout their years of use.