Are you learning to play? Do you feel stuck at the practice range?There are lots of factors that influence your swing: not all of it depends on you, but there are other important things that you must be aware of. Read these tips and decide if any of them could help improve your game.


6 simple tips to improve your performance in golf.

  1. Practice regularly

This can appear obvious, but try and be a regular at the practice range and take your time. Use the range balls, get your equipment, breath and practice. It does not have to many hours, but just make sure you go frequently. Make sure you also keep a good balance of the practice range and golf course.

  1. Have lessons

This part is essential, it doesn’t matter what level you are. The technique and the movements are very important to be able of getting a good hit and the teacher will be able of correcting any problems that there may be. After you must go alone to the practice range because our bodies need time to memorise the new corrections.

  1. Keep fit & healthy

Although it is not a fundamental aspect in this sport, you have to work on your body by practising other sport. A healthy body will help us to have a clear head during the game.

  1. Concentration

The more concentrated you are in the game, the better you will do. Concentration is essential when trying to hit the ball in the right direction in practice and in the game.

  1. Relaxation

Too much muscular tension can lead to you failing in some moves. It is important not to have a mental block, or spend too much time think about how you are going to hit the ball.

  1. Good nutrition

your diet and what you drink are very important to having a good day on the golf course. There are days where you will have to walk kilometeres.