The golf equipment you use is the most important thing.  Undoubtedly, it also depends on your technique but also the quality of your equipment (the golf balls, the range ball, the clubs, the bag…). In this post, we will reveal all the great advice to help you maintain your golf equipment and that way you will better your swing.

The clubs:You must keep them away from humidity, we recommend that you store them in and dry and fresh place. You can wash them from time to time with a solution of water and soap. The mixture is best done with warm water and a soft soap.

The grip or handle:According to Muy Fitness a used handle can mean that you will not play as well as you should. When the handle starts to get worn down from age or constant use, they become slippery, which means you have hold it tighter.  The majority of handle companies recommend that you change them once a year. Put with a bit of maintenance they can last longer. It is advisable that you clean them from time to time with warm water and soap, and scrub them with a towel.

The balls:At the golf club, you can use the clubs practice balls in the practice range, or you can also use your own balls (new, recycled or refurbished) on the course.  To make sure your golf balls have the best performance, it is a good idea to clean them after every game. Clean golf balls have a better flight and are more precise than dirty ones. You can clean them with warm water and soap.

The bag:It is important to look after the bag because you will have it for lots of years. It is advisable to clean with a bit of hot water and a brush.